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Supertex - Luxury Indoor Car Cover

  • Super soft Fleece interior lining.
  • Supertex is Non-Hygroscopic making it not only water resistant but it will not absorb moisture, (perfect for any indoor environment)
  • Available in 21different size options
  • Most sizes available in Red, Blue & Green, all supplied with a storage bag.
  • Supertex is a man-made fabric that has many beneficial qualities for protecting your car. It has a very soft fleece lining giving a quilted feel for additional protection against knocks and potential scratches.
  • Clingy stretch covers look lovely but do not have the same dust protection qualities as supertex, every time a stretchy cover is moved the weave opens allowing dust to fall through
  • It is fully breathable whilst being totally dust proof, similar in concept to Gortex to keep your car clean in the dustiest of garages or barns.

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Supertex Indoor Car Cover - Hamilton Products